Choose a spring cleanse that's simple and fresh

The Rainbow Island Cleanse

A total mind, body, chakra alignment adventure

The Next Group Cleanse is:

JUNE 10-16th 2018

The Rainbow Island Cleanse is a great opportunity to dive deep into yourself.

Understand what you are really releasing when you detox - not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Get to the root rather than just glossing over the source of your blocks.

Digging deep isn't always easy but it is where we get the most life-changing & awakening results.


You may have heard of mono-fruit islands like Banana Island or Watermelon Island and thought, 'There's NO way I could eat ONLY watermelon for 7 days!' The Rainbow Island Cleanse is a mono-fruit cleanse that allows you to choose a different fruit everyday as we go through all the colors of the rainbow.


Eat as much fruit as you desire...there are no restrictions!


As we progress through the colors of the rainbow with fruit to cleanse our body, we move through the chakras as well - the colors line up perfect with the rainbow starting with the color red - the red root chakra. Don't know what a chakra is? It's an energy center in your body... Don't worry - we explain it all in the ebook, PLUS will be there for you in the exclusive facebook group to answer all your questions.

The mind, body and spirit are all connected, and when we detox, it is happens on all levels. Most cleanses focus on the food/body, while the Rainbow Island Cleanse brings focus and attention to all areas with chakra-specific affirmations and yoga movements to enhance your cleansing experience - mind, body and chakras.


We have turned this wildly successful group cleanse into an easy to use, full eBook program, encompassing everything you need to know for a successful mono-fruit cleanse. Including "What is a mono cleanse?", "How it works," "How to prepare and shop," "What are chakras?," a Chakra Quiz, plus a Mono-Meal Recipe'd be surprised what recipes you can come up with using only one ingredient!


Benefits of this cleanse:

(Besides getting to eat all the fresh fruit you desire!)

It's super simple to follow, easy to prep and little to no dishes!

• Feel lighter and more comfortable in your body
• An abundance of energy
• Clearer and sharper mind
• Physical and emotional detox - with support!
• A new appreciation for simple fresh foods
• Sharper tastebuds - simple foods will taste better!
• Improved digestion and a flatter tummy
• Deeper awareness of the blocks that come up for you
• Learning more about your chakras and how food affects them
• Higher connection to self - strengthened intuition 
• Learn to listen to your body (true hunger, thirst, satiation)
• Shift the perspective of your relationship with food 
• Eating all that you desire with no calorie restriction 
• Release, rejuvenate and hydrate all your magical cells
• Experience more happiness, acceptance and inner peace


This cleanse is about so much more than food.

Be inspired to live your life fully, with passion and confidence.

It's your purpose to do what brings you the most joy and happiness.


Can you imagine what you could do if you felt at the top of your game physically, mentally and energetically?



"Thank you for this wonderful week, really good for resetting my compass taking me out of the habits and inertia I was stuck in even as a raw vegan! Lots of love to both."


"Thank you both for this amazing experience. I feel better than I have in years, the best I've felt ever, truly!!”  -Paige


"Wow thanks Chris for creating safe space in you’re teachings. Those yoga poses really helped me release some tears! ♡” 

"I'm really glad that you guys decided to incorporate the chakras with this cleanse…I've been meditating each day so far and practicing yoga with the intentions placed on each chakra as we move through each day. I think it has been making it easier to do mono cleansing paired with emotional work and balancing of chakras!”  -Mary


"Rainbow Island was a great success!!! This came at a perfect time for me. I did this cleanse to work on my temptations and self restraint and I've always wanted to try banana island but didn't think I could do it. Being able to go through the colors of the rainbow made it so much easier for me! I truly loved that we incorporated the chakras with this cleanse as well. This also helped ease me trough harder cravings and temptations, and helped me work on my emotions. I lost 11lbs this week and I feel amazing. So clear headed and my heart is so open!!!! Everyone around me has noticed a 'difference' and I was able to share my mono fruit experience with so many people! I am truly grateful for you, Ashley and Chris!!!  You guys RAWK! I hope that I can come to a retreat of yours someday!!! Thank you again from the whole of my fruity heart!" - Mary

"I loved Rainbow Island! I feel more in tune with my body, mind, spirit. The energy freed up from digestion is making it more clear for me to understand what my body needs. I'm definitely going to incorporate more mono meals and continue eating the rainbow! Thanks Ashley Clark and Chris Kendall for the inspiration, motivation and knowledge.”  -Melissa




Join us for a Rainbow Island Adventure! 

Next group cleanse:

JUNE 10-16th 2018

What you will get...

Imagine you are on a cleanse that is also a chakra-charging adventure. You know exactly what you need to succeed and have multiple tools to support you through it. Your mind is relaxed from the perfect affirmation, your body and spirit feels energized from the chakra specific yoga, and your mouth is watering as you are about to dive into as much of your favourite sweet fruit as you desire... 

PLUS you have TWO rawsome coaches at your fingertips to ask questions and cheer you on the whole week! days later and you've done it! You feel vibrant with a clean body and clear mind. You feel light and fresh and you actually desire to eat healthier and simpler foods from here on out.


This isn't fantasy. The Rainbow Island Cleanse is a chakra-aligned mono-fruit adventure that offers us the opportunity to really look at our needs and let go of our patterns with food. Find out the areas physically, mentally and energetically that are blocking you to living your authentic life while tapping deeper into your intuition - both your body and soul's intuition.


Not sure how to do that? We got you covered with a chakra quiz to pin point your strongest and weakest chakras. We also fully explain each chakra along with simple and effective exercises to brighten them up and help you find your blocks and regain your balance. 


The Rainbow Island Cleanse is extremely beneficial for the digestive system, giving it a well-deserved break from the complex meals we normally eat. It's also great for busy people on the go. Fruit is fast, cheap and easy... It truly is the original fast food. How quickly can you cut and eat a watermelon or peel 10 bananas... dinner is served! You'll be surprised at how easy it is and how satisfied you'll be. It saves you time in the kitchen and you gain energy, awareness, clarity and more time to do the things you truly love.












  • A Chakra Quiz - to determine which chakras need more loving attention

  • A Mono-Meal Guide - Mono-meals don't have to be boring!

  • Chakra-specific Yoga Exercise Videos for each day

  • Shop the Rainbow - Guide to buying produce and a sample shopping list

  • Plenty of examples of fruits for each chakra color

  • Uplifting Affirmations to increase positive thinking and bring balance to the chakras

  • Information on how to detox safely and how to reintroduce foods after a cleanse

  • Detailed info on each chakra, it's functions and how food affects it. 

  • Full support in our private Facebook Group for the week!



JUNE 10 -16TH 2018


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