Creamy Mango Dill Noodles


For the noodles:

1 big cucumber

1 medium zucchini


Super creamy sauce:

3 cups chopped mango

1/2 avocado

1 stick celery

1/2 red pepper diced 

2 green onions

1/2 lime

Fresh dill   



Spiralize the zucchini and cucumber into noodles. You can use a spiralizer or a juilenne peeler.
For the sauce: Blend mango, celery, green onion, avocado and lime. Add dill and pulse blend. Add red pepper and roughly chop in (you want to see the chunks) let the red pepper marinate in the sauce while you make the noodles. Mix together. Top with the other 1/2 avocado if desired and enjoy my loves!