Align with your Inner Goddess

Women's Retreat

Align with Your Inner Goddess
Women's Retreat 
September 18th-20th 2015, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Come join Naturally Ashley and Yara Dobrescu for a weekend retreat in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan this September. Three days just for you, filled with self-love, yoga, prana-rich foods, inspiration and empowerment. This is the perfect opportunity if you need a getaway, some "me-time" to realign with your inner goddess and be your true divine self. 






A Body~Mind~Spirit Weekend to Awaken Your Inner Goddess!


 The intention for this retreat is to connect with beautiful women like you and align with the goddess within through different classes and spiritual practices that honor and awaken the body, mind and spirit. If you are stressed out, run-down, tired or just want to learn how to incorporate more positivity and love into your life then this 3-day retreat is exactly what you need! Many of us run ourselves into the ground day after day losing the connection to our true divine selves. We feel empty and lost. Join us and we'll show you how to fill up yourself back up with connection, prana-rich foods, energizing yoga, affirmations, and chakra aligning meditation, and more. Learn to love yourself fully and how to create space and time for yourself in your daily lifestyle practices.  Become the best, most goddess-like version of yourself. 








You are a Goddess!

A modern day Goddess knows that magical living is a soulful journey full of personal exploration, spiritual growth and self-actualization. You can create the Goddess life that you’ve imagined...anything and everything is possible!



We feel that so many women would benefit from this retreat, away from all their stresses and worries, to reconnect to themselves and learn how to incorporate these empowering techniques into their daily lives! We want to help everyone in our community to feel healthier and happier and free, so please do this for yourself, YOU DESERVE IT!!! ♥ 


This retreat is located in the Pavilion by the Oval in Wakamow Valley overlooking the valley, with beautiful views of nature.  


Your GLowing Goddess Itinerary




5:30pm: Arrive/Introductions

6:00pm: Glowing Goddess Dinner Party

7:00pm: Opening Circle and Giveaway!




Setting Intentions

Restorative Yoga Class with Chelsea Clark 

Self Care - Learning how to create time and space for yourself

Love the Food you Eat - How food affects your mind, body and chakras

    - Eat what you want! Letting go of the guilt


Break for Lunch (You may leave or bring a lunch)


Session - Letting go of your story to become the Goddess you really are 

Recharge with Nature - Grounding your energy and letting the flow of abundance into your life

   - Learn to flow with the Moon Cycles

Kundallini Dance Meditation




Morning Intentions

Yin Yoga with Chelsea Clark 

Chakra aligning meditation

Celebrating your Inner Goddess and Closing Circle 


*The Glowing Goddess Dinner Party on Friday will be a high-raw, gluten-free vegan meal. If you have any allergies please let us know!

Our Crew!

Ashley Clark

Ashley Clark is a Holistic Health Coach from Moose Jaw, SK. She loves to nourish her body with ripe, seasonal fruit and positive thoughts. Her new ebook Healthy Childhood Favorites is a hit with 30 delicious, raw vegan recipes that are fun and easy to make! Ashley has been following a raw vegan diet eating mostly fruit for over three years. She enjoys travelling the world with Chris Kendall at They spent two months this year living in Costa Rica at The Farm of Life, a Holistic Yoga and Raw Foods Retreat Center. She wishes to share the knowledge she has learned in her travels along with her training in nutrition at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to inspire others to live happier and healthier lifestyles.   

Yara Dobrescu

Yara Dobrescu is a teacher in many ways, mind, body and spirit. She currently teaches kindergarten  in tropical Costa Rica where she has been living for the past three years. Yara lives and works at Pacha Mama, a spiritual and holistic community in Costa Rica that shares retreat experiences including silent retreats, yoga, detox cleanses, breathwork and a various alternative therapies, that Yara herself participates in on a regular basis. She is originally from Moose Jaw, SK and we are blessed to attend her workshops when she is home visiting family and friends. Her specialties include body-mind awareness, movement meditations, breathwork and self-love practices. 

Chelsea Clark

Chelsea Clark is a Yoga Teacher from Calgary, AB. She spent two months last year travelling Thailand and volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary. She obtained her yoga teacher training through the Blooming Lotus Yoga Course in Koh Phangan. Chelsea has been a student of yoga for 6+ years and has taught at the Yoga Loft in Moose Jaw. She fell in love with the practice when she first started doing yoga at One Yoga studio in Saskatoon, as it helped her to fall in love with her body, a task many women currently struggle with. She believes it is possible to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle through nourishing our mind, body and spirit with meditation and yoga.

By the end of this workshop series and investment in your future happiness, you will feel fully connected your inner goddess and willing to do and be the best person you were born to be.


In just three days, you will get clarity, confidence, direction & sensational, new-found energy!


The benefits of a mini goddess retreat?

Lots! But the top 3 benefits are:

  • Connections & Clarity – when you gather with women, magic happens.

  • Enlightenment & Transformation – you enter a space to see the light and walk the path in alignment with your heart’s purpose.

  • Quick & Confident – in just 3 days you’ll be empowered to trust and honour the beautiful, sacred and savvy goddess you were born to be.




We have rented the space above the Pavilion at the Oval in Wakamow Valley, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan




The investment includes all three days of the retreat, yoga, classes, healthy snacks, self-care booklet and the Glowing Goddess Dinner Party on Friday night. 

*Not included are accommodations, travel fees and lunch on Saturday. Feel free to leave for lunch or bring a lunch to the retreat.


There are only 14 spots available so book yours today! 

Once we receive your payment you will receive a confirmation email and registration form within 24 hours





Together, using techniques for self-awareness and empowerment,

we will step into alignment with our goddess power.

We shall claim our strong, beautiful, glowing, wise, authentic, sacred selves.


For more information email Ashley at 

or Yara Dobrescu at




We are excited and honored to come together with an amazing group

of women to awaken our inner goddesses.

See you there!