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3 -Day Juice Cleanse


Juice Cleansing or juice feasting, is a method of detoxing the body in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from food consumption.

Doing a juice cleanse can support the body to unleash its natural healing ability and eliminate stored toxins. Juicing floods your system with hydration, powerful nutrients and antioxidants. The process removes the fiber which frees up digestive energy for this healing process. Did you know that digestion can take up to 70% of your total energy?! Doing a juice cleanse really allows the body to dig deep and focus on cleansing.

This 3-Day Cleanse may be the first step toward a long-lasting lifestyle change, a kick-start to healthier eating habits by helping to reset your taste buds as well as your psychological connection to food. 

• Clarity of mind

• Weight loss, better digestion and a flatter stomach

• Increased energy, although some feel the need to slow things down.  

• You may notice a more positive and cheerful attitude

• Wake up feeling sharp and well rested.

• The juices fuel your body with so many nutrients, you rarely feel hungry.

• You may notice a heightened sense of taste and smell

• Decrease in body odor and fresher breath– from the Chlorophyll in greens

• Glowing skin, & hair and nails are healthier and stronger

• Boosts immunity from all the nutrients

• Cleanses your palate. Healthy foods taste better after a cleanse!

• Natural Healing - When you give your digestive system a break you allow your body to heal on a cellular level

Juice Cleanse Benefits:

This book can support your entire juicing journey!

You'll find everything you need to do a successful juice cleanse including:

• Juice Recipes! 12 tasty recipes to get you through your cleanse with happy tastebuds! 

• How to prep for your juice cleanse

• What fruits and veggies are best for juicing

• How to pick the juicer thats right for you 

• How to juice with and without a juicer

• A sample day of juicing 

• Key points and tips to follow

• Tips on how to organize your juice to make it quick and easy!

• What to do with the pulp

• How to reintroduce foods safely after your cleanse

Let's Get Juicy!!! 

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About the Author:

Ashley Lauren

Holistic Heath Coach, Artist, Photographer and Raw Food Chef 

Ashley Lauren, aka Naturally Ashley, is a Holistic Health Coach, Artist and Photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada. She loves to prepare, eat and photograph beautiful fruit and veggie meals. Ashley is inspired by fruit - the sweet taste, the vibrant colors and juicy textures. From “Bacon to Bananas’ she transitioned straight from a paleo diet to a raw vegan diet, high in fruit. It has transformed her life on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This journey has left her feeling more alive and in alignment with her true self. 

"Fruit is my soul food. For me this lifestyle is about full mind, body and spirit awareness and how it allows me to tap into my intuition on a deeper level. Eating lighter and vibrant foods allows you to shine the light on the darkness within, bringing up emotions and creating an opportunity for you to move through your blocks and limiting beliefs... bringing you closer to you."