Eating a fruit-based diet opened me up to a new way of living. I feel lighter and brighter & free!

Celiac Disease was the best thing to ever happen for me!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in March 2007. It is commonly described as an allergy to gluten but it's actually an autoimmune disease and auto-immune reaction to gluten, the protein in grains. Eating gluten for someone with Celiac is like taking a cheese grater to the villa in your small intestine leading to malabsorption issues and worse conditions like stomach and small intestinal cancer. I cannot even eat the tiniest crumb! The first five years were challenging, but transitioning to eating whole foods on a low fat, raw vegan diet has been life changing. I was able to leave behind the constant questioning, worry and label reading. It was a lot of work making sure my food didn’t contain any wheat, oats, rye, barley or other sneakily labeled ingredients. Real food doesn’t have ingredients, they are ingredients! Due to a weakened immune system, I was suffering from more than just Celiac as do many people with autoimmune issues. Eating a raw food diet has boosted my energy and strengthened my immune system greatly. I feel almost 'cured' of Celiac Disease. If I were to eat gluten now, I may still have an autoimmune reaction, but what are the chances of that even happening when you stick to fresh produce? I don’t have to worry about gluten or cross contamination when I peel open a delicious, spotted banana... or 10! I am grateful to have been diagnosed with Celiac as it taught me to read ingredients and question what I thought of as food, thus starting my health journey.  

I got into raw foods in 2012, immediately following an experiment eating a Paleo diet.

I had Candida, a yeast overgrowth issue, and a Naturopath Doctor suggested I eat a diet high in proteins and fats with veggies and NO FRUIT! Veggies are low in calories so I consumed most of my calories from fatty foods like oils, avocados, nuts and seeds, nut butters, fish and bacon... a LOT of bacon. I even became known as 'the bacon girl'. I was wearing bacon earrings, pouring bacon fat on popcorn, and I was even dressed up as bacon for Halloween one year. I thought it was all in fun until I wound up in the hospital with gall bladder attacks. There was talk about removing it and I thought ‘NO WAY!’ I already knew from having Celiac that I could heal my body through diet, so I did a ton of research and found that a low fat diet would help with the gall bladder issue. I was already dairy and grain free, not eating any fruit for Candida and it worried me to cut out fats because all I would have left are vegetables! That’s when I stumbled across Megan Elizabeth’s video on YouTube about Candida and healing it on the 80 10 10 Diet eating a diet of predominantly fruit. As soon as I heard that I could eat all the bananas I wanted I was sold! I've always had a sweet tooth! I ordered Dr. Doug Graham’s book that day and scheduled a consult with Holistic Nutritionist Whitney Froehlich from Grounded Nutrition, who coincidentally happened to be a fruit-lover following 80 10 10 herself. Thank you universe! It all came together and it took me two months to transition from bacon to bananas with her support. I healed the Candida and haven’t had any gallbladder pain since. I couldn’t be more grateful for Whitney and Megan. And guess what I was for Halloween the following year? A BANANA!   

Not only have I naturally healed my gall bladder and Candida, I have also healed other health issues such as chronic UTI's, chronic hives, digestive issues, fatigue, mental fog, and poor circulation. My allergies and chemical sensitivities have almost disappeared too! For me, the leading benefits of a low-fat, raw food diet are endless. Eating raw foods gave me a new life. I have more energy than I ever thought possible, and I am more happy, clean and clear minded. My favorite benefit is how this diet has opened me up spiritually, strengthening my intuition and connecting me to my higher self and true purpose and passion for holistic living. I love feeling so vibrant and alive! 

Eating fruit makes sense to me. It’s what our bodies are designed to eat. Fruit is easy to digest, full of essential vitamins and minerals and so delicious. Nature’s candy! My favorite meal of the day is every meal! I love the food I eat...that’s what makes it a successful lifestyle for me. I love waking up and making fresh squeezed OJ or a big green smoothie. By lunch I’m super excited for a mono meal of mangos, a dateorade, or monkey’s lunch of bananas. And thanks to Chris Kendall’s 101 frickin’ rawsome recipes, I’ve learned how to make zucchini noodles, stews and big salads in so many different ways that it never gets boring. I’m completely satiated living off of fruit and veggies!

I love creating new and fun recipes from fruit and veggies! Finding simple, well-combined recipes that you love will help you stay on track. There is a low fat raw version of almost every traditional recipe out there and once you clean out the processed foods, salt and artificial flavorings from your diet, the natural flavors of fruits and veggies become more and more appealing. The simpler you keep the recipes the better your meal will digest and mono meals are best! I try to have at least one mono meal a day, eating only one fruit for a meal at either breakfast or lunch.

Banana Island

September 2012

Two weeks.

Just bananas. 

420 bananas total! 


I tell coaching clients CROWD OUT! Try not to focus on cutting foods out, which can lead to feelings of deprivation and emotional eating. Instead, crowd them out by finding fruits and veggies you love to eat and eat lots of them! Focus on adding more fresh, raw foods into your diet one snack or meal at a time. It’s equally important to find the things in life you enjoy besides food. Loving yourself and your career and having healthy relationships are essential to your health and happiness. In fact, when we are happy and doing the things we love, food becomes less of an issue.


I'm spreading the word about this lifestyle to show others that it’s fun, easy and enjoyable to eat a raw vegan diet that’s predominantly fruits and vegetables! My wish is that everyone could feel as happy and healthy as I do so that they can do the things they love in life. We all deserve it. 


Lots of Love and Fresh Squeezed Hugs,