Naturally Rawsome Dressings

Naturally Rawsome Dressings is an eBook filled with low fat, raw vegan dressings for salads and zoodles. All the recipes are raw, oil free, salt free, nut free, gluten free, vegan and FULL of flavor!  When making raw dinners that taste great it's... ALL ABOUT THE SAUCE!!


Ashley Lauren and Chris Kendall were inspired to make this book after creating a menu of 21 raw vegan dressings for The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017.  It’s an amazing festival in New York State and we were honored to be the Rawsome Sauce Team making sauces for over 500 beautiful attendees! We poured our hearts into coming up with 21 raw vegan low-fat sauces and dressings. Some of the recipes are tried and true and some are brand new favorites that we are excited to share. You are sure to find some new favorites yourself with enough dressings to try a new one every day for 3 weeks! You can use them for salads, veggie noodles, stews, stir fry’s, and more, the sky is the limit. They range from sweet and simple to savory and chunky and of course some spicy sauces!


When you make a sauce yourself, you know exactly what goes in it. You choose what goes into your body.


We all know fresh is best! Just like smoothies can help you add more fruit and greens to your diet, blending your own sauces and dressings can take your health to the next level by helping you add more fresh raw veggies, fruits and herbs.


Let’s get SAUCY!


Naturally Rawsome Dressings


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