5 Ways to Survive Eating Only Fruit for Breakfast!

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When I started on my healthy living path I remember learning about how healthy it was to eat only fruit for breakfast and I thinking, "How do you survive until lunch on just fruit?" I tried and it didn't work - I was snacking by ten o'clock. Here's where I went wrong: It had been drilled into my head to only eat one or two servings of fruit a day, so I would eat one banana and one apple for breakfast and think that was enough. No wonder I didn't make it to lunchtime. You've got to eat way more than that!

Normally I choose to eat a mono-meal of fruit for breakfast -one fruit or type of fruit, like 1/2 of a watermelon, 1L of orange juice, or a bowl of grapes. Some days I like to put a little effort into it and make something fun like a fruit cereal or a smoothie. I love starting my day off with fruit! Fruit provides abundant energy without weighing down my digestive system like when I ate processed cereals, breads, eggs and bacon in the past. It's so easy to digest and leaves you feeling your best. If you could change one thing about your diet, start your day with fruit! Here are five ways that you can survive the morning eating only fruit for breakfast:

1. A Great Big Smoothie!

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Blending fruit into a 1L smoothie helps you eat more and get more calories in. If you add greens it will slow the digestion time and help you stay fuller even longer. Green smoothies taste best with ripe sweeter fruits like bananas and mangos for those of you just starting out. I always stick to one type of greens per smoothie- like baby spinach, or baby kale. I find the taste results are better this way. When adding greens, start with a small amount and slowly increase. Keep it Simple! Sticking to 1-4 ingredient smoothies taste best. I also make at least one litre of smoothie for breakfast to get me through until lunch. Some of my favorite recipes are:

  • 6-8 Bananas (optional add ins: spinach or kale, dates, frozen mango, or blueberries)

  • 6 Oranges, 2 mangos and Spinach

  • 3 Apples, 3 medjool dates (pitted) and spinach with coconut water (Sprinkle of cinnamon optional)

  • Frozen mango, spinach and blueberries (Dates make it sweeter!)

  • Coconut water, 1/2 pineapple, 2 mangos, 2 oranges and fresh kale

Read more about how to make Great Tasting Geen Smoothies!

2. Cut a watermelon in half and eat it!

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Or grab 6-8 bananas, 1-2 lbs of organic grapes or any large serving of ripe SWEET fruit. There's little to no prep, nothing to clean after and super easy to grab and go in the morning. You just have to make sure you eat enough! Start out with 4-5 bananas for breakfast. If you are hungry before lunch, take note, and the next day eat 6, and keep increasing until you are full until lunchtime. Take extra fruit with you to work or a small smoothie if you need a snack before lunch.

3. Banana Cereal


I loved cereal as a kid. Sliced Bananas and Banana Milk make a great breakfast cereal. Slice 5-6 Bananas into a deep breakfast bowl. To make Banana Milk: Blend 2 bananas and 1 cup of filtered water in blender and pour over sliced bananas for your cereal. Can use one frozen banana for cold milk. I also sometimes add blueberries and dried mulberries for a little crunch!

4. Fresh squeezed OJ!


1-2 liters of fresh squeezed Orange Juice is a great way to start the day! There are four easy ways to make fresh OJ:

  • Use a handheld electric citrus juicer - works fast and can be found for under $30.

  • You can squeeze them by hand on a non-electric juicer – a good workout!

  • Use a blender to blend the oranges, pouring the juice into a nut-milk bag and squeezing to strain the pulp.

  • Blend the oranges and drink it like a smoothie (best for seedless oranges)

5. BAD Fruit Oatmeal.

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BAD = Bananas, Apples and Dates! The texure and flavor of this recipe reminds me of apple cinnamon oatmeal. I add 4 ripe bananas to the blender/food processor and pulse blend. Then you add one or two sliced apples and 2-3 pitted dates in the Vitamix pulse blend a few times to chop the apples. The dates taste like brown sugar in this recipe. Add a 2 tsp of cinnamon as well if you like, or sprinkle some dried mulberries on top. You can also pulse blend in a handful of mulberries for an even more oatmeal-like texture! It's one of my fav ways to do fruit for breakfast.


I enjoy fruit for breakfast because it gives me an abundance of energy without weighing down my digestive system, and if you eat enough, it will get you through until lunch. Give it a try and challenge yourself to one week of fruit for breakfast. Your body will love you for it!

Naturally Ashley


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