The Power of Working with a Coach

I am a coach. Does that mean I have it all figured out? Heck no!

I will say that I am committed to a path of self-discovery and growth, learning something new about the world and myself everyday. And as a coach I am committed to your personal health journey. We are always in a state of transition, sometimes big transitions like moving across the country or changing carreers and sometimes the transitions are more subtle like shifting a thought pattern of what we believe to be true about ourselves. Sometimes we resist transition or get stuck in a place of indecision. Fears come up and there are always a million excuses to choose not to venture forth into the unknown. That’s how I was feeling when I hired Kyle Lautamus as my coach. I needed support with a a few big transitions in my life and he magically appeared right when I needed him, like an angel. I love it when the universe does that!

Most successful coaches I know have a coach themselves. Why? Because we know the value in our service and support. We know that it works. We know that on our journey it helps immensely to have accountability and support, that mirror to reflect back the things we choose not to see in ourselves. I’ve always loved helping people. I was inspired to become a coach myself after working with Whitney Froelich of Grounded Nutrition when I was sick and making a major change switching to a raw food diet. She did more for me than any doctor or naturopath ever did. She listened to me. After much deliberation I chose to attend The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It was there that I learned how to truly help others... and it’s not by telling them what to do.

(Kyle Lautamus)

My definition of a good coach is someone that holds space for you to go deep within yourself to dig up the answers you are seeking. As a coach, I don’t have all the answers. You know your body best and have all the answers inside you, waiting to be discovered, or re-discovered. You are not broken, you are complete and whole and you have all the tools you need to create the lifestyle that you want. Coaching is the process of taking you out of your comfort zone in a safe and supported way. Examining self-limiting beliefs, elevating your awareness to ‘see’ your blocks and turn them into breakthroughs to fulfill your highest potential. Coaching usually looks at the present-future or the desired future by asking powerful questions like these:

What do you really want?

What does your desired future look like?

What is YOUR definition of success?

A good coach asks good questions. Kyle listens deeply and holds space for me to share my deepest fears, asking questions like these that help me dig deeper into my thoughts and belief patterns, deconstructing what is truth and what I’ve made up or learned that isn’t serving me. In just one session I felt a huge shift in my perspective, felt more relaxed and more free.

Hiring an amazing coach like Kyle is the best decision I have made for my self-growth and business. I feel more alligned and supported than ever to live my truth and let go of the things, places, people, thoughts that aren’t serving me. He calls himself The Transitionist and that is exactly what he does. He has helped me push through the barriers and walls I had built up around self-worth, abundance, fears of success and freedom, and my relationships with others. I had fears about not being good enough as a coach, and those fears dissipated as I started working with Kyle, seeing my reflection in him and remembering how powerful and life changing having a coach can be. I look forward to our sessions every week as we dive into another fear or blockage to breakthrough or thought pattern to shift. One big transformation I have noticed is in my ability to make decisions. We have been working on making quick decisions with clarity and confidence, so that I can move forward and and manifest my goals even faster than I thought possible. (I have been known to procrastinate!)

I am grateful for Kyle's support and encouragement, for his insights, his inspiration, for caring, for holding space and holding me accountable. I can’t describe how powerful it is when someone believes in you. I am not only in a better place after working with Kyle, I’m a better coach because I am more confident in my abilities and more in alignment with my truth. What a wonderful gift having someone to hold space for you, just for you, to share your fears and worries so that you can let them go. All coaches should have a coach to remind them of their potential to make a difference in this world.

Coaching really is for everyone. It is a progression over time that can have long term, profound effects for your personal life and your business. If you are ready to make changes, don’t hesitate to get support, because like most people, you will have those little voices (the twerps) pop into your head telling you why you can’t do this and your coach will remind you that you can.

*If you are interested in learnining more about Kyle Lautamus, Your Transitionist - Check out his webiste:

Kyle has a very unique skill set and I highly recommend his services. In his work he draws on all of his study experience and trainings from multiple areas including: -Coaching - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Hypnosis Facilitation - Hypnotherapy - Ancient Philosphy - Wisdom Traditions

- and more!

**I'm hosting a special offer, geared towards new and aspiring coaches that want to take their business and ideas to the next level. Many people in the raw and vegan health movement are amazed at the transformation that can happen when you change your diet. Feeling so energized and vibrant one cannot help but be inspired to spread this message of health. I'm seeing baby coaches being born everyday and this makes me so happy! This movement is growing and we are reaching and inspiring more people than ever. Check out my Special Offers Page to take advantage and learn all my best coaching and business tips and tricks to get you off your feet and soaring! I'm an open book, let's grow together!

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